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What are the ball mill lining board materials included?


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ball mill lining board

At present, the ball mills in the market are becoming more and more large-scale equipment, so we also put forward different views on the material requirements of the mill lining board. When the ball mill lining board is in operation, the surface material of the liner is constantly migrated due to the impact and peeling of the grinding ball and the material.

To improve the performance of the ball mill lining board, we can start from two aspects: one is to develop new wear-resistant materials that adapt to the working conditions; the other is to improve the wear environment of the liner from the grinding process.

High manganese steel is used as a material for ball mill lining board for a long time. It has good work hardening properties and good strength and toughness. It can work hardened under large impact loads. It is suitable for applications with strong impact loads. Working conditions. However, high manganese steel is more difficult to produce work hardening in small and medium-sized ball mills, that is, its advantages cannot be well demonstrated. Therefore, in this case, we generally do not use high manganese steel as the material to produce ball mill lining board.

The magnetic liner is a new type of wear-resistant liner that absorbs steel balls and magnetic mineral powder on the surface of the liner by magnetic force to resist the impact and abrasion of the grinding medium and materials on the liner of the ball mill. Extend the life of the liner. Compared with the traditional high manganese steel liner and alloy liner, it has the characteristics of long service life, light weight, thin thickness, fine grinding grain size, low noise, good sealing, ball joints and energy saving, etc., which greatly reduces the labor of workers. Labor intensity.

The above is the basic ball mill lining board material, each has its own characteristics, suitable for different working ranges. We can use different lining board products according to their actual characteristics.