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1.What is lost foam castings?
Lost foam casting is also called the real mold casting, can be abbreviated as EPC casting.
Lost foam casting is a solid casting process of foam molding using non binder dry sand and vacuum technology. It is a kind of solid casting method using the non binder dry sand combined with the vacuum technology. It bonded with the foam casting model which is similar to the shape of the combined .After the brush coated with refractory coating and drying, the vibration model is embedded in the dry quartz sand. Under the negative pressure, the model is made of gasification,and the liquid metal occupies the position of the model. This is a new casting method for casting after solidification and cooling.

2.Compared with the traditional casting technology, what are the characteristics of lost foam casting?
Compared with the traditional casting technology, the lost foam casting have the following characteristics:
(1). Good quality and low cost.
(2). Material is not limited, the size is not limited.
(3) High precision, smooth surface, reduce cleaning work
(4) Greatly reducing the internal defects
(5) Can achieve large-scale, mass production
(6)Can greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity

3.What is our advantage?
The characteristics of our enterprise is " proficient, professional,special". The characteristics of the product is “small quantities of many varieties.” The company's main products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, construction, cement, mining, transportation and other industries. Our customers throughout the whole of China and Asia, the United States, the European region, achieved good social effects and economic benefits.
The basic aim of our factory is “quality first, customer first.”

4.I am an importer, can you supply the OEM service?
Yes, we can, please send me the details and we will assist you to place an order.

5.What shipping methods do we offer?
In order to ensure safe shipping of our goods, we package the machines within a wooden box (except when a complete set of equipment is ordered) . Generally, we use Sea transportation for shipping.