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How to protect the ductile iron


First of all, the use of asphalt coating, is generally used in some of the gas transport pipeline, paint a thousand to be preheated can quickly improve the adhesion of the asphalt, etc., to speed up the drying rate of these products, there is the ball Casting manufacturers will be coated with mortar on the surface there are some special coating, this internal and external anti-corrosion measures of some of the pipes are generally suitable for use in some of the sewage pipe used, can improve the inside and outside Anti - corrosion properties.
Another method is the ductile iron plant on the surface coated with some epoxy coal tar pitch, this product is suitable for gas pipelines, sewage pipes can also be used, is a two-component layer of a product, there are Good adhesion, and the surface is very smooth.
The last is to coat the polyurethane coating on the ductile iron pipe(nodular cast iron), this pipe is a relatively new type of pipe, with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the performance.