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Smelting process requirements of high chromium cast iron


(1) The melting temperature of high chromium cast iron is higher than that of general cast iron, about 1200 degrees Celsius, the temperature is about 1500 degrees.
(2) Lining
The acidic or basic lining can liner ratio, knotting, drying and sintering were carried out according to conventional process.
(3) Charging
General loading in normal order, such as grey iron, molybdenum iron first loading ferroalloy charging, then the scrap etc. According to the principle of the tight on loose loading collapse 
(4) Power melting
Electric power will be dispatched to the biggest melt, because of its high Cr melting loss (about 5% ~ 15%), so the ferrochrome should be add, usually after all scrap melting into roasted red ferrochrome.
For all metal furnace charge after melting and temperature to 1480 ℃, then add ferromanganese, ferrosilicon and aluminium deoxidation.
(6) pouring
In intermediate frequency induction furnace melting, the temperature is not high, the temperature reaches 1480 ℃ can be released, iron liquid in the bag stay calm for a period of time, depending on the workpiece in different sizes can be cast between 1380 ~ 1380 ℃.