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What are the use occasions of high manganese steel and high chromium cast iron?


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High-manganese steel liners, hammers, screen bars, jaws, etc. are currently more widely used steel castings in cement plants. They are popular for their high wear resistance, good toughness and economy.

Features of high manganese steel:

High manganese steel has good plasticity and impact toughness. A hardened layer is formed on the surface under the impact of external force. After the hardened surface layer is worn out, a new surface layer appears and continues to be work hardened. Therefore, high manganese steel castings have high surface wear resistance, and the inner part still retains the original mechanical properties. Because high manganese steel has the above characteristics, there is no wear-resistant material in the world that can completely replace high manganese steel.

Characteristics and application of high chromium cast iron:

The high chromium cast iron with 12.30% chromium content and 2.4-3.6% carbon content can obtain a matrix of martensite or austenite or a mixture of the two and special chromium carbides by means of high alloying and heat treatment. This special carbide is Me, C in the hexagonal system, and its hardness is as high as HVl200-1600, which is much higher than the hardness of cementite carbide and common mineral grinding. The existence of such carbides is the main reason for the high wear resistance of high chromium cast iron. In addition, the eutectic structure of high chromium cast iron is different from the ledeburite in general cast iron. Generally, the ledeburite in cast iron is in a continuous network, while the high chromium eutectic carbides are in the state of disconnected blocks and strips. It is equivalent to embedding high-hardness particles on the substrate. Therefore, it not only has good abrasion resistance, but also greatly weakens the embrittlement effect of the high hardness phase, and has relatively good toughness.

The high-hardness martensite matrix in the high-chromium cast iron strongly supports the carbide particles to prevent the carbide from falling off the wear surface during the working process, ensuring the high abrasion resistance of the material. Therefore, high chromium cast iron as a high anti-wear material has been effectively used in machinery and metallurgical equipment such as crushing, grinding, and material transportation. Especially in the parts with abrasive wear and impact wear (such as: crusher drum, silo liner, blast furnace bell, hopper, coal trough liner, coal mill roller sleeve, roller, slurry pump flow parts, etc.) The application is more extensive.