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Counter-attack board/ Impact plate

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Counterattack plate is to withstand the plate hammer hit material in the impact crushing, and the crushed material re bounce broken zone and are broken again.It is a kind of high chromium cast iron.The shape and structure of the impact plate have great influence on the crushing efficiency.

Effect of counter plate:
1, Adjusting the discharge port:
The counter plate has the characteristics of adjusting the discharging port, and the gap between the lower end of the counter plate and the rotor can be changed, and the granularity of the product can be controlled. Therefore, the upper end of the back plate is hinged with the upper body through a suspension shaft. The lower end is hung on the machine body with a pull rod bolt or a spring, which is convenient to adjust the height of the impact plate, and the purpose of changing the clearance is achieved.
2, The role of insurance:
Counterattack plate also has the role of insurance, from the Red Star heavy learned that when the ore impact than counterattack plate can bear the impact force, namely into non broken material the load is too large because of a counterattack plate back automatically to lift the discharging mouth is enlarged, freeing non broken material. Do not damage other parts, play a role in the insurance.



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