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Mahindra enclosure of grey cast iron

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Material name: gray cast iron HT250
Brand: HT250
Standard: GB/T9439-2010


Properties of grey cast iron with Ma Hengda box:
The strength, wear resistance and heat resistance are better, the vibration reduction is good, the casting performance is good, need to carry on the artificial aging treatment.


Gray cast iron parts using range:
Can be used for high strength and corrosion resistance of the pump shell, container, tower, flange, packing box body and a gland, the carbonization tower, the nitrification tower; it also could make the lathe bed, column, cylinder, a gear and the surface hardening of parts.
Because of its small amount of heat distortion, often used in high temperature occasions.


This gray cast iron parts specification and the organization:
Specification for heat treatment: (by the supplier, the following is a specification for the heat treatment of a sample, for reference) as cast
Metallographic structure: flake graphite + pearlite
HT250 quenching to HRC60, but grey cast iron HT200, HT250, etc.) are generally used in annealing or normalizing condition, not quench processing. If it is local need hardness, high, intermediate frequency quenching can be either.
If quenching: hardened layer 3~5 mm, hardness HRC50, the workpiece deformation is small.
High frequency quenching: hardened layer 1~2 mm, quenching temperature 850, the surface hardness of HRC50 or more; quenching temperature 900~1000 degrees, the surface hardness of up to HRC60.


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