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grey cast iron

Grey iron castings with high carbon content (4% ~ 2.7%), carbon mainly in the form of flake graphite, the fracture was gray. Low melting point (1145 to 1250 ), solidification shrinkage, compressive strength and hardness close to carbon steel, good shock absorption. Because of the existence of flake graphite, the wear resistance is good. Good casting performance and machining. The gray cast iron used in the manufacture of machine tool bed, box, cylinder and other parts. Its brand with "HT" followed by two groups of figures. For example: HT20-40 (the first number represents the minimum tensile strength, the second group number indicates the lowest bending strength).
Product performance
1. The performance of gray cast iron is mainly determined by the properties of the matrix and the quantity, shape, size and distribution of graphite. The optimal performance which consisted of fine grain and fine flake pearlite matrix graphite cast iron.

2, grey iron castings of tensile strength and plasticity is much lower than that of the steel with the same matrix, but flake graphite of gray iron compressive strength has little effect, so gray cast iron are widely used as under the pressure load parts, such as a base, a bearing seat.
3, gray cast iron parts with good casting properties, cutting performance, and the existence of graphite can play the role of reducing mill, shock absorption.

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