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Stainless steel casting

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Stainless steel casting


Stainless steel castings are used in a variety of stainless steel production of steel castings, mainly used for various medium corrosion conditions.
As early as 1910, it has been found that the steel in the Cr content of more than 12%, there is a good corrosion and oxidation resistance. Typical stainless steel in addition to containing Cr12% in SISU, also contain one or more other alloying elements, such as Ni, Mo, Cu, Nb, Ti and N2.

Stainless steel castings foundry generally adopts precision casting, also called investment casting. So-called investment casting process, simply be with fusible materials (such as wax material or plastic) into the meltability model (referred to as "investment pattern or model), on which the coated with several layers of tailor-made refractory coating, after dry dry and harden to form a whole shell, reoccupy steam or hot water from the melt in the shell model, and then put type shells in the sand, dry sand by filling in all round its modelling, finally will be cast into the furnace after high temperature roasting (such as high strength shell, can need not modelling and will release the shell directly after roasting), cast type or shell after roasting, in pouring molten metal and stainless steel castings.

Stainless steel castings foundry method of a big advantage is that it can cast all kinds of alloy of complicated casting, special casting high temperature alloy castings. Such as jet engine blades, its streamlined profile and cooling with lumen, hardly formed by machining process. Using investment casting process can not only do mass production, to ensure the consistency of the stainless steel castings, and avoid the residual knife lines of stress concentration after machining.

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