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Annular groove liner plate

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Annular groove liner plate

Annular groove liner plate can be used for various types of ball mill liner.In the grinding process of the mill,because of the grinding medium transform relative sliding and rub against each other on the surface of the plate, so will be formed in the plate surface of the work has a certain regularity of ring grooves.

The characteristics of annular groove liner plate is: simplified lining board in the circumferential direction is in the shape of specific annular groove bad steel ball on the lining board constitute the most densely populated hexagonal structure.The structure of the coordination number is the largest, highest densities, the effective collision between ball and grinding most likely.At the same time, because of the material layer between the steel ball and the groove, the grinding action of the material is strengthened, and the processing ability is increased.

The annular groove liner plate is widely used in the wet ball mill, the dry ball mill and the fine mill of the mineral processing plant.Production practice has proved that the annular groove lining plate in the grinding process of the mill, has always maintained a high grinding efficiency, increase energy saving effect is remarkable, is a very good development potential of the lining.


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