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The emu pillow rail nodular cast iron

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Material name: Ductile iron castings
Brand: QT500-7
Standard: 1348-88 GB

Characteristics and application range of ductile iron castings QT500-7 :
Extensive use of QT500-7 of nodular iron castings used for internal combustion engine oil pump gear, turbine temperature cylinder clapboard, turbine valve body, railway locomotive vehicle bearing, machine seat frame transmission shaft.
TGM is a professional manufacturer of wear resistant material. We have many years of experience about gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, high chromium cast iron production. Comprehensive technical strength and production scale in the forefront of the country! Company to focus on the attitude and professional technology for our customers to provide first-class products and services. Nodular iron casting products include: nodular cast iron pipe, ductile ductile iron manhole covers, ball graphite cast iron pump body, factory direct sales, model complete, reasonable price, special specifications can be customized.

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